Pour a coffee and pick up your hook or needles

[Slight update:  I didn’t realize when I named this blog that there was already a Coffee and Crochet blog out there.  So I’ve changed the name to what it is now to go along with my FB page.  Sorry for any confusion]


Hi there,

I learned to crochet thanks to the founder of the Crochet Crowd, Michael Sellick (I hope I spelled his name correctly, LOL)  You can find Mikeys video tutorials on YouTube.

Since then I have fallen in love with this relaxing craft!  I have made afghans, hats, leg warmers and boutique bags.

On my personal Facebook page, I have patterns pop up all the time that I share on my Wooly Bear Yarn Crafts page.  I thought I’d share them here as well because my recipe blog, This Looks yummy! has been fairly popular even though I can’t fathom why, LOL.  There are so many recipe blogs, you think people would be so over them!

Anyway, I’ll share crochet and knitting patterns here (no I can’t knit, never could get the hang of it) and maybe even some other crafts that pop up every now and then.  These will be free patterns that you are able to download for yourself, if there is an odd one that you have to pay for, I’ll do my best to let you know in the post.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to share these patterns.

In case you’re interested in my other blogs you can find them here

This Looks Yummy! Lots of recipes to share.

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