Just a quick note

Hello all!!

Not too much exciting going on today really.  I am happy that I a large Avon order put in last night and it’s not all for me, LOL.  I ordered a few things for work but I do have orders from other people.  I know it’s going to be a slow start but every day I am getting more people interested.

This coming Monday is an Avon rep meeting and I’m going with my sponsor, I’m a bit nervous and excited about it.  I always feel nervous about going somewhere I’ve never been and don’t know many people.  Hopefully I will pick up some good tips that I can work into my Avon business.

Speaking of business, I got a phone call day before yesterday from Green Planet for Kids.   They put out environmental colouring and activity books for kids, to encourage them to care for our planet.  This is right up my alley and it’s something I try to instill in my kids.  Well, they contacted me because of Generations ~ Birth and Family Services and wanted to know if I would like an ad in their books!  For a fee, I get a business card sized ad in 5000 printings that are put out exclusively in London, Ontario.  I am hoping that this will generate some business because the price is a bit steep but who knows, it might be worth it!  So keep your fingers crossed for me that this advertizing opportunity pans out for me.

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