New Stove, Movie Reviews and the Keurig

happy mama

Woo hoo!!  I just got awesome news, our new stove is going to be delivered tomorrow!  It’s a second hand stove buy at least we’ll be able to cook properly again AND I can do baking without burning stuff all the time.

Lucky us, both the fridge and the stove needed replacing right after the most expensive holiday of the year, sigh.  The fridges temperature dial no longer works and it can’t hold a steady temperature.  It’s a gamble as to what is frozen each day and what isn’t.  I don’t even buy veggies unless we’re going to use them that day because they freeze and frozen lettuce or celery just isn’t good, ugh.  The stove elements aren’t heating properly, one of them just never has worked.  When Big Daddy did our turkey it was in there for longer than it should have needed and STILL wasn’t finished cooking.  I boiled the left over carcass for turkey stock and removed what meat I could for dog food.  The meat wasn’t any good for anything else after being boiled all day, LOL.

We have to wait until next Thursday for our fridge but it’s a new one that Big Daddy found on sale for nearly half off, so I can’t wait!  We’ll save up for the life of our second hand stove to be able to buy a new stove when this one dies …. as it inevitably will.

Ok, enough news about me and my love for kitchen appliances big and small …. on to the reviews for today.

Today I have a couple movie reviews (The Thing and Would You Rather) and a product review (Keurig Coffee Maker and the Folgers Mocha Swirl K-Cup).  To be clear, I do not benefit at all from these reviews, I just want to share my thoughts on various things with my readers.

The Thing (2011)

The Thing Movie poster

This movie got off to a bit of a slow start and I actually expected it to be a bit like Alien in regards to the “Thing” itself.  You know what I mean, shadowy and barely seen for most of the movie.  Whooo Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!  The effects in this film are pretty darn good, if you ask me!

A team has gone to Antarctica to collect cores for research purposes and stumble across a craft of some type logged deep in the ice.  They decide it’s a good idea to take a block that contains …. something, back to the camp with them.  I know, humans can be so stupid sometimes!!  Why can’t we silly creatures leave stuff alone!  I mean, come on!  You find an alien craft in the ice and decide it’s a great thing to take a souvenir!?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you can see where this is going.  Throughout the rest of the movie, this alien “Thing” does what it does best and no, I wont spoil that for you.  I will, however, tell you that the Thing character later in the movie is pretty darn good!  There were a couple places where we commented on the (what I can only assume) is CGI.  Very gross and creepy as all get out!!  These are the kind of monsters that have you hiding behind your loved ones arms, LOL.

I definitely enjoyed this movie and would give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Would You Rather (2012)

Would You Rather movie poster

Would You Rather was a sadistic ride if ever I saw one on screen!  I loved it!  Yes, you might think I’m a sicko but that’s ok, we all have our nasty streak.  Don’t we?

A young woman (Brittany Snow) is willing to do anything to help her sick brother.  We’ve all said that before haven’t we?  That we’d do “anything”.  Ya, well you’ll rethink that statement after watching this movie.  Iris (the young woman) is given a proposal by a rich benefactor (Jeffery Combs) and it seems simple enough, attend a dinner party and win an after party “game”.  How much simpler could it be!?  Who doesn’t like parlor games after dinner, a hilarious round of Charades or maybe a board game of some type.  None of those are what Shepard Lambrick (the rich guy) have in mind, his game is a bit more …. life changing!

Iris arrived at the venue for the dinner party to be greeted by 7 other guests and they are eventually called to the dining room by Bevans (Jonny Coyne), Mr. Lambrick “right hand man”.  It’s not long before the game begins and our lovely main character is the lucky one to go first.

I warn you, this is not a movie if you are squeamish or faint of heart in any way.  I’ll just end this by saying, Mr. Lambrick is not someone you would want to play Would You Rather with.

I would give this movie 4 out of 5 stars!

Since we’re on the topic of movies here a three that I’m looking forward to seeing; Her, Dallas Buyers Club and August:Osage County.  Has anyone seen these yet?  I’m not sure they have all been released yet.

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker and Folgers Gourmet Selections: Mocha Swirl

Big Daddy bought a Keurig coffee maker for himself as a holiday gift.  Well, it was really from me but I just gave him the cash and he bought it at the same time as he bought my Mirro canner.  He’s been wanting one for a long time now and I’ve been a bit skeptical considering the amount of he and drink in a day, I kept picturing the amount of money we would spend on those K-cups!  I guess I should say I’m wrong, hate it but I have to.

We actually drink less coffee now that we have to brew it a cup at a time.  Before, with a regular percolator pot we would be drinking 2 or 3 pots between the two of us … a day!

This thing is fast too, just a few second to heat the water and your cup is ready in about another minute!  Now, the coffee …. yum!!  Big Daddy bought me the Folgers Gourmet Selections: Mocha Swirl K-cups, he said he thought of me as soon as he saw them.  The scent of chocolate floated through the house when he made the first cup and if I hadn’t been feeling so crappy, I would have enjoyed a cup with him.  So, the next day when I was feeling better I had a cup of the Mocha Swirl and yes, it was as yummy as it smelled!

You guys have to try this thing!



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