Product Review: Rogers Next Issue


I’ve seen the commercial for Next Issue on the TV a few times and I was curious, so I checked it out.  I thought it would be “one low price” that was out of my reach.  Usually, my version of low price and a businesses version are two vastly different things.  I took a peek at the website and found that the basic membership is only $10 a month … for LOTS of different magazines and a years worth of most of them.

I figured, “What the heck!  Let’s give it a try”.  I had a bit of an issue getting signed in and set up because I had no idea it was a Rogers product until it told me that I was not using valid MyRogers log in information.  I also had no idea that this is a BRAND NEW product for Rogers customers only, until I’d done a bit of reading online.

Anyway, so far I’ve read a couple months of Cosmo, Chatelaine, Country Living, Family Circle and Country Gardens.  I have quite a few more waiting for me and I’m looking forward to a quiet bit of time so that I can peruse them.  If you are a Rogers customer and want to take a look at Next Issue for yourself, check it out here.

(I am in no way affiliated with Rogers or Next Issue, I am only sharing my thoughts and experiences with my blog readers)


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