Finished Orders

I thought I’d share some pictures of the items that I was asked to make.

The first is a pair of Minion Hats, one with one eye and the other with two so that the boys they are for can tell them apart.  Having told my Sister in Law about these, I now am in need of more yellow yarn to make two more, one for my niece and the other for my nephew.

Crochet to Sell 004

The next request was something I had never done before and I had a lot of fun putting it together.  It’s a Minnie Mouse baby set which includes a hat with ears and bow, a diaper cover with a spotty skirt with a little tail tucked in back and a pair of booties with bows.

I am hoping that I will get a picture of the little one wearing it and if I can, I’ll be sure to update and share the picture.  Sorry about the background on that picture, LOL.  I need to figure out where to take nice pictures of my stuff.

Crochet to Sell 005

My current WIP (work in progress) is this lovely Open Air Shawl by Lion Brand.  I’m using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Sonoma Print (It’s the beige yarn in the top row, third from the left when you scroll down a bit.

Open Air Shrug - Lion Brand

Lion Brand – Open Air Shrug

I’ve gotten the first sleeve finished but am having issues with the back part at the moment.  It’s a good think Lion Brand has a help line, LOL.

Crochet to Sell 007 Crochet to Sell 006

ETA – Oh I could just about cry.  I went to the Lion Brand website to find out how to get going on the body portion of this shrug and found out about corrections posted to the pattern on Aug. 28th.  I printed the pattern before that and didn’t know about the corrections until now.

I just had to frog my sleeve right back to the 4th row …… Open Air Shrug

Please keep your fingers crossed that the corrections posted will mean that I don’t have the same issue with the body as I was having before.


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