Pinafore, Booties and Afghans, Oh My!

Uploaded August 12th 2013 006

This is part of the outfit I am making for my neighbour who is due with a little girl in October.  The pinafore pattern can be found here and the booties can be found here.  Both are on my favorite pattern site, Ravelry!  I am hoping that a little ruffly bum diaper cover will work out as well for me as the pinafore did, I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out.  I even made the tiny buttons from crochet but they are very hard to see in this picture.

I’ll admit, I was confused when I started this pattern.  I couldn’t figure out why the neckline wasn’t joined or how this would work out turning at the end of each row.  Keep in mind though, this is the first pinafore I’ve EVER made.   The only other dress type thing I made was a pinafore style dress for my daughter.

Lainas Dress 2 Lainas Dress

It was done in worsted weight because I was just trying out the pattern.  It would be lovely in a lighter weight yarn and even though she says she loves it … she’s never worn it, LMAO!

I’ve also made her a pair of leg warmers and she does love AND wear these.

Lainas baby legs

My step daughter Brooke chose the yarn colours for the Ocean Waves Afghan I made for her.  She’s cuddled up on the couch with it as I write this.

Uploaded August 12th 2013 011 Uploaded August 12th 2013 010

I find it very difficult to stay positive when crocheting in the back loops only!  It drives me crazy that it seems so loose as your working but I’m really glad that it turned out as well as it did.

I have more things of my own to share but I wont bombard you with them all today, LOL.  Have a great day and Happy Hooking!!


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