Baby legs/Legwarmers Pattern

Lainas baby legs

(The above picture is the pair that I made for my daughter.  She loves them!  I do not take credit for this pattern.)

You will need:  I hook (or size needed for your type of yarn), WW or sport yarn, scissors, yarn needle

Abbreviations:  CH – chain, SC – single crochet, HDC – half double crochet, DC – double crochet, BLO – back loop only, ST – stitch

BEFORE YOU START:  You will need THREE measurements from the person you’re making the legwarmers for.  (#1) The circumference of the thigh.  (#2) The length of the leg.  (#3) The circumference of the ankle.  If you don’t want to make them to cover an entire leg, take your top, bottom & length measurements accordingly.

Ready? OK, here we go… Make 2…

Top Cuff

CH 9

Row 1:  turn, skip 1st CH, SC in remaining 8 STS.

Row 2: CH 1, turn, SC in BLO across. (8 SC)

REPEAT Row 2 until the STRETCHED cuff equals your #1 measurement (thigh circ.)

Ch 1, turn, SL ST both ends of the cuff together to form a circle.

If you’re going to change colors, fasten off… if not, just hold your cuff with right side facing & continue on…


Round 1:  SC in the end of each row of the cuff, join.

Rounds 2 – 5: CH 1, HDC in each ST around, join.

REPEAT Round 2, decreasing (how to hdc2tog) by 1 ST approximately every 2-3 rows until legwarmer is 1-2″ shy of your #2 measurement (leg length). Keep measuring to make sure you haven’t decreased too much or too little.  You’ll need more frequent decreases for smaller legs, fewer decreases for larger legs.

If you’re going to change colors again, fasten off… if not, just continue on.

Bottom Cuff

Round 1: CH 1, SC in each ST around, join.  Make sure that this bottom edge is the same as your #3 measurement (ankle circ.)  If it’s too big, rip out a few rows & do more decreases.  If it’s too small, rip out a few rows & do fewer decreases.

REPEAT Round 1 for 1-2″, no decreases.  Fasten off.

Now put them on that cute little baby & say, “Awww!”


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